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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the largest crowd there far. kron 4 news's dan ruben is joining us live with more on the problem on and off the field of levi's stadium. >> reporter: the biggest problem so far is how to get these huge crowds in and out of the stadium. you might
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be able to hear it behind me. people are not just celebrating the national team. this game ended well over an hour ago and still a long line of cars waiting to get out. traffic is not only the concern. [ cheering ] >> plenty of excitements leading up to saturday's mexico chile's game. >> 67, 000 fans started the party well before the game that started at 7 p.m.. many had been drinking since 2 in the afternoon. >> i am hearing on the radio about th urinating all the ball cony. >>
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>> i tried calling and i talk to the cop and everybody and nobody seemed to have an answer. [ cheering ] >> that did not stop the out powering of love for the national teams, mexican and and chile. >> people left with a positive experience intact. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: yeah, we have to say despite a lot of the negative things that might have happened tonight, there were a lot of smiling faces and a lot of people had a very good time. there is still plenty of issues to address here at the levi's stadium. reporting live outside levi's stadium. dan ruben, kron 4 news. one of the big concerns of this soccer game was the
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new turf that was put in last week. there were times when the turf went up during the soccer game. i put circles around the area where you can see part of the turf. coming up on where you can see bumps on the grass. there were people tweeting about this during the game. one person says it looks like levi's stadium could not hold it up. there is still plenty of time to prepare things and see how this turf is. still no signs of the missing autistic boy in san jose. kron 4 news spoke with the boy's mother and police and continuing the search. >> here at the san jose's police department command center of this case, the family of 6-year-old sergio zepeda are hoping for some good news.
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he has been missing for 14 hours. his mother last saw him this morning at around 9:00. he was then reported missing about two hours later. police say he's autistic and does not speak much. he was last seen inside his home. his mother and her boyfriend tht he got out on his own by leaving through the garage. the san jose search and rescue had been outlooking for the boy since this morning with search dogs but with no luck. sergio's mother and her boyfriend spoke to us from the back of the car, not because they were detained. the two were transported around as the search continues. >> so he got to be around here. [ indiscernible audio ] >> you know, he's my son.
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>> he's 6-year-old and he's about 40 pounds and he got brown hair and brown eyes, last, he was seen wearing a black shirt that had the mario picture and writing on it. >> this was the longest that he has not been seen. in san jose, kron 4 news. richmond police are looking for a man wanted in connection with the crash that sent a bus into a house last month. police say this man, richard contreras. officers saw him leaving the arr the the. the accident happened after 5:30. a woman and her two young daughters were in the home when it was hit and suffered minor injuries. eight others in the bus were
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also injured. the home was damaged from the crash and was red tagged. demolition destroyed a 5-alarm house on thursday. the place is charred rubble now. heavy smoke poured through the mission district and four people went to the hospital with minor injuries. the fire department is still investigating the cause. two girls in napa are donating the money they raised from their lemonade stand to help the ones impacted by the earthquake. the two girls set up their stand in front of a pet food express store, the store was already raising money to help those that's affected by the quake. others were moved to make donations as well. the girls presented a check forr $14, 000 to the napa humane society. >> i like to hand you this check
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to help these people here for $14, 771. >> they have done an outstanding job raising awareness for the community. many were loss and were taken by the shelter >> the two girls working on the lemonade stand today and additional 2000 was added to that total. coming up, why she thinks the treat had more than just pot in them of the cookie. the president facing pressures from congress to come up with a strategy to defeat isis, what he plans to do. two california students were under arrest for bringing a loaded gun onto a school bus. that story is next. ...we need to break up.
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under arrest after police say they brought a loaded gun on
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onto a school bus. the sheriff's office says a 15-year-old brought the gun on the bus and then gave it to another student. authorities say the gun had one bullet in it which was in the magazine's clip. the school found out when other students on the bus started texting their parents. the bus driver held the students on the bus until deputies arrive. >> he was notified via radio and that's why he stopped. >> oh my god, a freshman with a gun on the bus. this is a small community and it was scary to know that someone brought a gun to school. >> there was not a plan top hurt anyone, police thought so. and next, the northern
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california, wild fires threatened hundreds of structures. we have an update on the progress that firefighters are making in containing the flames. i will have the full forecast coming up.
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national park remaining under evacuations. the flames broke out yesterday afternoon. officials say the fires burned about 300 acres and it is about 60% contained. >> right now our priority is to take care of those structures as well as evacuations. >> i bought this house a year ago. i hate to lose it, you know, or any of my neighbors lose their house >> most of the evacuation haves been lifted. some roads in the area have been closed and no damage has been reported. well, here is a look at levi's stadium from tonight. a nice evening and clear skies for the big soccer game and temperatures in the 60s. we have clear skies not only in santa clara but in san francisco as well right here in golden gate bridge. the fog is still holding offshore, it is going to surge in the bay after mid night tonight and in the inland valley and to the south. we do have some gray skies to
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talk about. some spotty drizzles in a few places. we should see the fog out of here between about 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning. for the afternoon, a lot of sunshine and temperatures similar to what we had today. mostly cleies with the exception of fog in the coast. we have hurricane norwood is moving north. it is going to work its way in the bay area starting tomorrow, afternoon and evening. here is future cast, 4 p.m., there is the cloudyness from that system and it is heading towards the bay area. we could see some high clouds late tomorrow afternoon and late evening. as we go to monday, some showers beginning to pop up. all the wet weather is going to remain south and east of the bay
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area and we'll not be affected from this system. sunshine after low clouds tomorrow morning. as we get into the west valley, inland temperatures, mid to upper 80s and close to 90s for antioch and vallejo 76. north bay temperatures going up in the upper 70s with some lows 80s. here is a look ahead, we have the tropical high clouds once again for monday. more fog and sunshine and a warming trend through the week. look for 90s back in town for the inland valleys for thursday and friday and up by the 70s by the bay. two bay area students got sick. they are out of the hospital. richmond police say the cookies left two students unconscious on tuesday
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and one has to be resuscitated. seniors accused of selling cookies. the cookies might have had moren just marijuana on them >> i threw up five times. some of my friends said that i fell and i fell in the cement and you start hallucinating and you are going to die. i thought i was going to die. it was crazy. yeah, i thought i was going to die >> the female student arrested for selling the cookie is being held at the juvenile hall. school officials are taking steps to expel her. in richmond 11 men are arrested for solicitating
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prostitutions. some are as young as 12. they intend to use social mediao contact people. jamaican officials say they spotted debris fro wreckage that crashed in the ocean yesterday. glazer and his wife aboard and both were experienced pilots. they radioed into say they had problems and a little later all radio contact was lost. they can see the pilots slumped over and the windows were frosted. president obama says nato allies are committed to do just that. he warns that it won't happen over night. so do the president's critics. n has more.
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>> returning from talks in europe over how to deal with the isis threat, president obama is facing over turning congress and lawmakers are demanding strategies. >> isis poses a significant threat to nato members. what we can accomplish is to dismantle this network, this force that is claimed to control this much territory. so that they can do us harm and that's going to be our objective. >> but achieving that goal in syria with the government that the u.s. does not support remains a challenge. lawmakers on both sides of the isle including republican frank wolf in the house and bill
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nelson in the senate already preparing legislation ahead of any presidential request to authorize u.s. airstrikes inside syria. . the u.s. and the international coalition will prop up partners on the ground there. like the relatively moderate army to take the fight directly to isis. >> that's why it is important for us to work with our friends and allies to support them more effectively. >> cnn, the white house. >> the airstrike on isis has killed 29 militants and civilians. most of the 29 people died when one of the missiles slammed into a bakery. the majority killed were civilians. the death toll is likely to rise.
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a strange sooith on the
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sooith on the golden gate bridge. the deer brought the northboundo a hulk. by the time officers arrived, tr were long gone. chp says it is the first time in two years that animals were reported on the bridge. it is unclear if the two made it to safety. a big day for bay area's sports team. we start at stanford stadium, taking on ufc. earlier on it was the trojans getting on the scoreboard. that would pu ufc 7-0. stanford would have one more time and hogan drops back. the ball comes loose. the usc goes onto win this game . first lost of the season for
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the stanford's cardinals. raiders will take on the new york jets tomorrow morning, 10 a.m. and niners will take on the dallas cowboys. raiders in new york and niners in texas. the san francisco's giants in full throttle winning eight of their last tens before saturday's game. saturday was certainly no let down. he's going to hit this ball right down the line. it is looking good. okay, it got a little close. 4-3 giants as posey comes into play place and he hit that ball far. they're now a game and a half behind the dodgers. they would take the top wild cad spot. we had to talk about a's. josh redick, he hits this ball, deep
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shot off the wall and two runs. that would sky ty the game. lowery would get up there -- he would come in and score and the a's wins this one. hopefully, this will get offense back in gear as we get closer and closer to this postseaso an exciting ending at the coliseum. you were talking about the forecast, i hope it is a good forecast. >> it looks great at the coliseum for tomorrow. some fog early on as you are getting in the parking lot. that fog will be gone by the time the game starts. temperatures in the upper 60s. a nice day for baseball and outdoor activities for the bay area. >> all right, i wish you were given the football forecast but our teams are all over the place. >> they're all on tp road. the road. >> but, you will be back next
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special coverage on the death of joan rivers. her final hours. >> even on her deathbed, joan was in full makeup at all times. >> and what went wrong? plus, her feud with johnny carson, straight from the guy who was there. and fright at the museum. >> ready? >> the video you haven't seen. and how dangerous are those school science experiments? plus -- >> are you okay? >> hero to the rescue. >> hold on. >> where you might have seen this guy before. and the isis terror video. is there a homeland connection? then, cop on trial. for killing an elk? >> why


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